The Face of Beauty: Appreciating Your Body and Your Self

Challenging traditional “Beauty”,  appreciate your body for the gift it is.

Watch the video, then please continue reading.

Our society is so very focused on the idea of beauty. The challenge is that we berate ourselves and hate ourselves and our bodies because we don’t think we fit a cultural (at least in Canada and the United States) ideal which is young, skinny, and pretty as determined by other people’s opinions.

But so many women don’t live long enough to appreciate their beauty. Or their bodies are ravaged by assault, disease and poverty. Or we simply age. And we hate ourselves.

But this does not have to be this way. At all. It is possible to appreciate our bodies for the gift that they are. And it starts with the decision to try to see yourself through eyes of beauty.

Look at your hair with thankfulness and compassion for it gives you warmth and beauty.

Look at your eyes with thankfulness for they let you see the world.

Look at your face with beauty for it lets you express your emotions.

Look at your arms and hands and legs and feet with thankfulness for they let you move and walk and play.

Appreciate and adorn your body with thankfulness and love for it is your vehicle through life, your connection with your senses and your connection with the outside world.

It, like you, is truly a miracle.

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