Do you need help to rediscover your beauty?  Or do you need help discovering it for the first time?

Acceptance happens through realizing the truth about fashion.  That it is primarily an emotional experience.  Watch my video for more details. Then continue reading.

Chances are you’ve unknowingly bought into the cultural myth that you are inadequate and the “right clothes and makeup” will fix you. The fashion industry has programmed you. And not for the better. Let’s take a closer look.

In traditional high fashion there is only one way to look beautiful, and chances are you don’t fall into that category. Only about 1-2% of women alive have won the genetic lottery to have the “model body.” And what does seeing this in the media do? It gives an impossible standard that generally leaves the rest of us feeling hopelessly inadequate.

And the sad part is that even those girls who are “gifted” with the model body often still feel inadequate because of the impossible demands placed on them to be within a certain (often unhealthy) weight. And the minute they’ve gotten too old, they are tossed aside for the new up and coming faces. These models are often considered old news by the time they are 25. Do you see a problem with this yet?

Fashion magazines and runway shows leave us with images of teen girls and young women who are almost all between the ages of 14-25 with body proportions of 170cm to 180cm (five foot eight to five foot eleven) and about 50kg (110 pounds).

And this is our cultural definition of beauty. And of course there is nothing wrong with having these proportions. The trouble is that these proportions and age are presented as the only acceptable way to be beautiful. And the majority of clothing manufacturer’s cater to this “ideal”. And those who don’t, generally offer drab, frumpy options for those who don’t fit into this, with the really attractive clothes topping out at about size 12 (US sizing).

So for the 98% of women who don’t fit this body type, (myself included) finding attractive well fitting clothing becomes the discouraging hunt of a lifetime. And the change rooms become torture chambers where we judge every part of ourselves. Because we are NEVER going to look like that.

My mission is to help you see that you don’t need to look like that. Because you never will. You won’t miraculously grow more height, and if you manage to lose weight it can become a love/hate cycle where you only feel okay about yourself as judged by the number on a scale. I have been there.

Therefore, the choices are to continue hating some things or even everything about yourself, or start to see yourself with eyes for beauty. Your beauty.

True fashion and style comes from accepting the wonderful gift of a body you’ve been given, exactly as it is. Then learning to dress yourself working with your natural beauty, and only wearing what makes you look fabulous (or is required for your job etc). And I can help you do this.

I compassionately guide women (and sometimes men) to examine their beliefs about beauty, ditch those that are not useful, and teach them the secrets to dress and accept their own wonderful bodies.

You learn

  • what personal colouring you have and what colours make you glow
  • what body shape, type and features you have and how to dress them with flattering cuts and fabrics
  • about your style personality and how you want to express yourself through the visual communication of clothing
  • about your lifestyle and what types of clothes you need and want
  • how to create capsule wardrobes/outfits for easily getting dressed
  • how to determine fit for your body so you know when something does and doesn’t work
  • how to let go of clothing that no longer works for you and organize your closet for fast and practical use

And you forget about everything else.

This combination of having clothes that fit how you need, say what you need and do what you need is the style of YOU.

Welcome To Re-discovering You.

If you are in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada Area and wish to work with me, please send me an email at fiona@stylebyfiona.com for price list and service description.  You can also phone me at 403-966-5896 for a free chat about how I can help you.

Let me help you discover your style and accept your beauty.