Welcome! I’m Fiona McAllister, here to help you discover your style and feel beautiful.

Together, we use fashion and style as a vehicle to help you accept your inner beauty and accentuate your outer beauty.

We do this with via Colour Analysis, Body Analysis and Lifestyle Analysis which create your unique Personal Style Profile.

We can also do a closet audit and cleanse with you, shop your closet and shopping education.  We take it deeper by helping you reveal and resolve the psychological blocks that have stopped you from dressing for who you really are. This is not a makeover, it’s a transformation. If you are done with fast fashion and superficial makeover techniques and are ready to work for and accept real lasting change, then please contact me! Look forward to working with you!

Call me at 403-966-5896 or

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The information you need to look good is found in your body, personality and lifestyle. I teach you how to interpret that information so that your clothing works for you!

I have worked with individual clients for 5 years as a personal style coach in Calgary and have helped over 50 women fine tune their style. I completed a Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology with a focus on fashion and family studies. I have furthered my style skills by taking specialized image coursework from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Interning as a Wardrobe Stylist, and completing the Make Up Diploma from Delmar College.

And for the emotional connection, I am currently working on my Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology.