1 Dress 5+ Ways Red Carpet Ready: Wear the same dress twice

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Please watch my video about ideas for how you can look great, and save money by using the same dress more than once.

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It’s award season. Grammys, Oscars, Junos, etc. I don’t really pay too much attention, but I do know that when the stars are on the red carpet it can wreak havoc on self esteem for some women. Because they feel inferior for not being able to be like the stars because they only have one or two dresses and not a new dress for every occasion.

And often because they see the glammed up hollywood red carpet stars and think “I’ll never look that good.”

Both ways of thinking can only bring you pain. Unless you are crazy wealthy then you have to budget. Plus did you know that many hollywood stars are GIVEN their dresses for FREE by the fashion houses? Simply because it is amazing advertising for all those who are trying to copy hollywood for their personal style. Big star wears nice dress, and sales go through the roof for that company for women who are copying.

But you and I are not hollywood. We are regular women with regular bodies and regular budgets.

Please forget about looking like red carpet hollywood stars.

You only have to look like you.


Fashion Myth: The Dress Makes the Woman or the Suit Makes the Man

It’s the Festive Season! And we are in the time of family gatherings, corporate parties, charity galas and social gatherings.

And it seems the pressure is high to look your best. Dress to Impress as they say.

Watch my short video for thoughts on how to wear your holiday dress or suit with confidence!

We hear the phrase so often that it is the dress that makes the woman or the suit that makes the man that we don’t even stop to think about whether or not that is true!

And the pressure is on to look your absolute best at the party. You could have family breathing down your neck, you want to impress your boss, your spouse, your co workers, your neighbours, and so we spend so much time fretting about getting the perfect holiday dress for women or suit for men.

The Christmas Party, New Years Eve, the corporate party, the social gathering, the charity gala. So many events and so much anxiety about making the right impression.

So much time spent finding the right holiday dress (for women) or suit (for men). So much money spent believing that it is really the dress or the suit that makes us. And without that dress or suit, we are really nothing.

So very very wrong. We are all beautiful or handsome. The trick is we haven’t realized that it is our body that gives the dress or suit shape and substance. And without the body the dress or suit is just a pile of fabric.

So know you are what gives the dress or suit its power. Not the other way around. Happy Festivities to you all!