Fashion Myth: High Heels Are Sexy

The high heel has been considered the epitome of sexy in women’s clothing.  It has been associated with being and feeling beautiful.

What has been neglected though is the conversation of what high heels do to our bodies, why we wear them and how it actually feels to wear them.

Please watch my video, and then continue reading.

The psychology behind wearing high heels fundamentally comes from not accepting ourselves.

In the first case wearing heels to increase our height relates to a society that idealizes tall people. And if we are not tall enough we believe that wearing high heels will increase our social standing as it increases our physical standing. It stems from a belief that being shorter somehow makes us inadequate. And that is simply not true.

The second reason we wear high heels is to be sexually appealing (usually) to men. And this is related to making decisions that put our own health at risk simply for the sake of being looked at. We (might) wear the heels to get outside attention instead of honouring our body and listening to our true inner voice.  The one that tells us we are enough and the pain caused by these torture devices isn’t worth the health risk.

When we choose actions to gain the outside approval of others we are generally ignoring our true inner voice.  If you can wear high heels without pain and you truly do it for yourself, then by all means go ahead. However, realize most of us are not wearing super high heels for ourselves.  We are wearing them to gain external validation (outside attention) and approval from others.

Our legs are not for men to look at, or to make other women jealous of our figures. Our legs are for us to walk on and to carry us through our whole life.

Ruined posture, shortened calf muscles, leg, hip, and joint problems, hammer toes, bunions, corns…the list goes on.

This is not sexy. High heels are not sexy. High heels cause serious health problems. Medium to low heels are your best health choice.

And as Dr. Christian Northrup says in her book Making Life Easy,

High heels are like dessert. To be enjoyed in small doses every once in awhile.

The average life span for women is about 80. Our feet need to last us this whole time so take loving care of them.

To your stylish health,